A Day in the Life of a Sand Key Beach Photographer

A Day in the Life of a Sand Key Beach Photographer

Sand Key Beach Photography

Sand Key Beach is perhaps my number one top destination for photography sessions in Clearwater Beach and around Tampa Bay Area. For several reasons – besides being closer to where we live, this beautiful beach has less crowd than the main Clearwater Beach. You can put up your umbrella or cabana, and throw down your towel without the fear of jostling other people. 

The best part from a photography perspective? No photobombers! We can enjoy a photo session without having to worry too much about other people accidentally joining that picture perfect. 

This is the place I highly recommend to the boyfriend/girlfriend who wants to get down on one knee and pop the question to their significant other. It is a breathtaking view with a stunning sunset background. It is exquisite and absolutely gorgeous!

On the Northside of Sand Key Beach you can see Clearwater Beach. The beautiful Opal Sands Hotel, Hampton Inn, Shepherd’s Resort, Holiday Inn, the Edge Hotel and other hotels and skyscrapers are in the peripheral view and we can use as a background of the photos if you prefer it that way. 

The plentiful parking lot is definitely a plus! The first thing you see heading towards the ocean is at least a mile of parking lot and spaces. A parking fee of $4 which you pay at a parking payment machine mounted on the ground in the middle of the parking area that is good for the rest of the day.

Start Your Sand Key Photography Session

In the main beach area, there are several red lifeguard towers which make a cute and unique beachy theme for the photos. I love the jetty rocks stacked up on top of each other, lined up, and tucked on the very far right end corner of Sand Key. I usually start around this area and make our way towards the center of the beach. 

Just like Clearwater Pier 60, there’s a playground for the little ones. The playground is also a favorite of my 5 year old son. It is nestled under large trees which make plenty of shade. You literally can let your children play all day without the fear of them turning red under the heat of the sun.

How to get to the park: 

There are several ways to get to the park from downtown Tampa. The first and easiest would be google maps. Just search Sand Key Beach and that’s pretty much it. Follow the directions. 

It is approximately 25 miles from downtown Tampa which is about 45-50 min drive depending on traffic. From Tampa, you take Southbound I-275. You turn right onto 60. Follow 60 until you reach Gulf to Bay. It is pretty much straight from here on. Drive through Gulf to Bay for about 12 miles until you reach the Causeway Bridge in Clearwater. Be prepared to be amazed by this breathtaking view! I’ve lived here for 5+ years and it never gets old. It is just a pure majestic view!

You better slow down after that bridge as cops always lurk around hunting for speeders. You will then reach the roundabout at the end. Be alert in the roundabout. Most visitors are not used to this traffic on a roundabout. Let alone a roundabout. You then take the third right exit going towards Coronado Street. There are two roads you can take going to Sand Key. Follow Coronado, or take the route skirting around Clearwater Beach. I love and hate this route. Love because I get to see and enjoy Clearwater Beach while driving, hate due to traffic and drivers mimicking a turtle’s pace because they are either taking pictures, selfies, or worst, recording video. I mean, you can’t do that and drive at the same time! 

When you reach the end of Coronado, you will see the Sand Key Bridge. Take right onto Sand Key Bridge and right after the bridge, you will see the huge stone sign “Sand Key Beach”. And you’ve reached your destination! 

See?! I told you, it’s easier to do google maps than my gibberish here. 

See you at Sand Key! 

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